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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Winter Moon

"Winter Moon Over Kauai" 

Many say that is is a challenge to distinguish the different seasons in the tropics.  But there are definitely certain things to signal a season.

Winter is a time of huge full moons that look as though they can be touched if you just reach for them.  So close they appear and often glow so bright, one does not need a light to find their way  while outside, on a stroll along the beach or path.

Living on the west side of this island of Kauai enables me to capture and enjoy the setting moon before sunrise.  I watch the ocean lap the shore over and over with each wave moonlight dances its way to the sand.  It mesmerizes me, hypnotizing and inspiring as I become one with the rhythm of the moon and sea.

This painting is of no particular place on the island.  I comes from a place in my heart with the rhythm of the ocean.

Full Moon blessings are upon those who spend the time to read this and double blessings for those who leave a comment!

Aloha~ Mahealani