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Monday, September 29, 2008

11th Annual Pow Wow on Kauai!

Schar WINTUN, Danny CHOCTAW, Dale, KPC President

Round Dance snake

Pow wow is a time for people of all Nations to come together and share the Native American Indian culture and traditions. It is a time of gathering to dance, sing, eat fry bread and catch up with family and friends.
Lisa's Birthday Honoring

Pow wow is a time to give back to our community, take care of our families and teach the children, our future generations. It is a time of honoring those who fought wars, gave new birth, grieving the passing of loved ones, and offer give aways in appreciation.

Wild Horse Intertribal Host Drum from Southern California

DRUM~ The Heartbeat of the People

For all the indigenous peoples of the world, the drum is the center of all songs. It is the spirit in the songs granted by the Creator to express one's prayers for strength, completeness, and fulfillment.

We invited three drums this year, the Host Drum, Wild Horse, Intertribal, from Southern California (sings all the ceremonial songs and honoring songs). Guest Drum~Northern, Kree Unit, Chippewa Cree of Rocky Boy, Montana. These boys were only 18-20 years old. Guest Drum ~Southern, Comanche Moon, Intertribal of Arizona. And our only Island Intertribal Drum, 808 showed up,

Kumu Illima Riveria, Hawaiian representative

Kauai Pow Wow combines and honors and represents both the Native Hawaiian, and Native American with ceremonies. A blessing of both cultures opens and closes the sacred circle of the arena. Ilima Riveria was our Host Hawaiian Kumu for this years gathering.
Bert NAVAJO, and Head Women's dancer, Lisa Jefferson PONCA& SALT RIVER PIMA-MARICOPA

Lil'Man Gourd Dancer, Eagle Man and others

Schar happy to dance once again!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

SONGS OF THE ISLANDS and a couple other too!

Don't cha just love the internet. So much to discover...so much to do! I just updated with some music for your listening pleasure and to help you dream about my beautiful Hawaiian islands! The playlist is at the bottom of page. Enjoy!!
malama pono

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ART For Change~Experience ONE

"Creativity resides in us all because we are part of creation itself"

Lesson for sight in discovery of your special creative force:

We all have an ability to create. As children we created without a care in the world. We made up tales, playmates, mud pies and colored inside the lines. As we grew into adolescence, we heard criticism and comments that began to wear and tear on our creative self. Our self-editors began to develop as our peer groups, parents, and teachers attempted to form us. We yearned to fit in. We questioned our visions, our dreams. Many approached adulthood with a deep inner desire to paint, or draw or do something creative, but became conditioned that they were not an "artistic person". Being creative is quite different from artistic.

Most people become too busy or do not make the time to acknowledge their creative selves. Have you ever thought or told yourself..."I am not a creative person...I couldn't draw anything even if my life depended on it"...? "Or I don’t have time to draw, or to paint?"

The creative process can get tarnished and stagnate with our outside world static. The sounds and noise of constant movement like automobiles, planes, trucks, televisions and radios,computers, iPods, cell phones and Blackberries cause distractions of our creative thoughts and feelings. There are forced images constantly flooding our open eyes and ears. All this makes us step backwards and away from our quieted creative place. We can get tangled up as humans doing rather than humans being.

Art For Change is designed for a person to dive into the deepest part of their creative force. You will not be forced but rather surprisingly guided into this pleasant place. Art For Change is a personal principle of instruction I have developed over the last ten years. Exercises are based on deprivation of certain senses; sight, sound, touch, and smell. Classes are offered as workshops in larger groups or on an individual bases.

Participants are led blindfolded to build trust and heighten senses.

There are no requirements as to artistic ability, previous skills, or accomplishments, education or sight. All that is required is trust and faith that each of us holds in that very special place we call our creative self. Believe it is still there - no matter what your age is, what your education , what your job is, or how busy you make your life. Humans create! Food, stories, babies, families, bank accounts, songs, poems, paintings, phone doodles and our self-image is all because we CAN create!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

OH NO!!!!!!

Oh no I had a FATAL computer crash and lost everything on my computer last night. I spent two hours with techs assisting me. Fortunate that my system and computer was still under warrenty! So I am currently uploading and reinstalling everything. Thousands of photographs, poetry and all my favorites with websites are gone. I do have some on CD but have to recreate much of it. There is something to be said for starting over...just don't remember what it is right now. LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have a painting published in the astrological We'Moon 2009 Datebook, Mother Tongue Ink. I have been very fortunate to be an artist selected for the last 10 years consecutively. This is a wonderful opportunity for women artist, photographers and writers throughout the world to get international attention. Every year offers a theme (I enjoy the challenge of a theme) to work with. The selection process (weaving circles) is involved and has many women sorting and deciding on the selections. About one hundred women artist are selected each year and an artist may have more than one piece selected. There are half and full pages,front and back covers that pay, and comp datebooks are given for any art or writing being included in the publication.

We'Moon 2008 Datebook published two paintings, one poem and one photograph of mine. I am published as scharCbear:

The 2009 selection is this painting:
"The Edge of Earth and Moon"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the Beginning......

"Spirit of Kalalau"

Imagine taking a vacation, returning and finding out that the job you had is no longer there. This just happened to me. My son reminded me to "do what I do best and love the most...create beautiful art!"
"Beauty and her Beast"
I have recently opened two shops at Etsy, Aina Kauai Arts http://scharart.etsy.com/ , offers original paintings, ArtMagnets, cards, limited edition prints, and ACEO's.

My second shop is http://ainakauai.etsy.com/

This shop specializes in unique fine art vessels hand painted with sand, shells, and beach glass from the island of Kaua'i. Each one of these pieces takes at least 10-30 hours to complete and all are created by me. I love to spend hour upon hour gathering the shell and sea glass for these items where the ocean laps at the edge of the shore.

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