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Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Fine Art America Contest

Fine Art America is a fantastic place for artist. It is not only a high quality print on demand center of excellent quality reproductions of your art, FAA is a great community and network of artist, galleries and art collectors world wide. There is no fee to join and you will not be inindated with uninteresting email spams.

7x7 Generations ©schar freeman

Fine Art America is conducting it's First Fine Art America Contest and I have one piece, 7X7 Generations which is enter and awaiting your vote. Just click on the painting or the title and the link will take you to voting.

You may vote for more than one painting and I am also excited to let all know that my very good friend and wonderful Kauai artist Marionette also has a piece in for voting, NaPali

"NaPali" ©Marionette Tabanoir

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Featured

Awoke this morning to find my etsy shop ScharArt is featured at a fellow artists blog: Original art by Jordanka Yaretz. Jordanka and I are members of WorldwideWomenArtistOnline .

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) Jordanka for your support and encouragement!!!

Mahalo nui loa for all the artists who support one another. It is important to network and weave a vital web between us. I am soon to feature some of the many artists friends and connections that have developed throughout the years. One a week will be spotlighted!

♥PAINT ON artists!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Featured in Chic Galleria

Palm Thoughts III © schar 2008

There is this place in the world wide web that is hoppin' and poppin'. It is a "go-to magazine for all personal care, beauty, and fashion related must haves."
Chic Galleria is a very 'chic' place for any chic to gather information. Chic Galleria offers great picks and suggestions on just about any interest a woman could have. Not only was I surprised but I was so honored when Beth Anderson, Editor-n-chief of Chic Galleria Publications contacted me wanting to "feature me as an artist".

Here is the interview published:
Hawaiian Artist Inspired By Island's Bold Colors

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Mango Mama"

This is my newest addition to ScharArt's Art Magnets. "Mango Mama" will bring a smile to anyone's face. She represents warmth, compassion,sweet taste and aloha! She represents my island valentine....pure aloha!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Leonardo, Five Hundred Years Into the Future, Part II

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Davinci
There have been many speculations and tall tales regarding one of our Art History most famous paintings, Mona Lisa , painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Some of the chatter is that it took him almost 17 years before he completed this painting; she is actually a self-portrait of the painted himself; she was his secret lover; and many others have circulated for the hundreds of years Mona Lisa has looked back at us.

After experiencing this incredible showing of one of our GREATEST Masters in history I spent some time with this painting of 'Mona' with a new perspective on the man, the artist, and the most intriguing mind of this person, Leonardo!

As a painter myself most of my life I have been aware of specific theories and principles in applications of perspective and such for painting. Little did I realize that much of today's practices were constructed by the master himself throughout his journals.

Leonardo's fascination of how and why things appear or move led him into proving his theories. He even risked being put to death to "study" human cadavers.

One of his studies was his deep belief that man evolved from bird and man could once again fly!

I was so intrigued with this part of the exhibition for prior to this, I had not realized that Leonardo truly believed , with all his heart, that we human evolved from bird. I knew he was really "the first man to fly", taking years studying and constructing different flying machines. Until visiting and spending time with Leonardo during my visit to the San Jose, Tech Museum and this fantastic exhibition which took a team of 40 artisans, many from Italy, over four months of installation , I had not realized just how much of Leonardo is with us in present day practices, machinery, art and ideals!