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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Salt Pond Kitties

"Bootsie" Sentinel of Salt Pond
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There is an overwhelming population of feral cats on this little island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. How to remedy this situation is beyond my concept at this point. For the last seven years I have been one of the committed feeders of two colonies located at the edges of Salt Pond Park on Kauai.
There is the morning feeder, Dorothy whom has been feeding these kitties for over thirteen years. She willing shares that there are several kitties that are ten years or older...the "originals" she fondly refers to. She has them all named. Dorothy is in her 70's.
"Mama Pinkie" over 10 yrs old

Tom and Debbie share the evening feeding with myself. They also are the couple responsible for catching and releasing hundreds of kitties for the last four years. After the kitties have been spayed by our Human Society, who donate the cages and traps to catch them , they then donate Veterinary services for neutering these feral kitties. After caring for them during recovery, Debbie and Tom release them back into the colony.

The population with this colony was working well, as we all managed to keep the colony numbers right around 20 kitties. Then about four months ago, people started dumping not one or two kitties, but LITTERS and pregnant mama kitties.

The colony quickly grew to over 40 kitties with half not neutered. Debbie and Tom worked diligently capturing dozens to have neutered. The ear is clipped as to recognize those ones fixed. They were both warriors of the evening, gathering up as many as four at a time to take to the Human Society for their alteration, and care for them over night and release back to the colony the next day. Mahalo nui loa Tom and Debbie for your LOVE and caring of these kitties!
"Georgie and Tuffy"
A couple of weeks ago this all began to change. An emotional solution was unfolding. The Salt Makers of Hanapepe posted this.

This is what I drove up to for the evening feeding. Kitties in a disarray of confusion. All dishes and containers of water were removed. All shelters and palettes-gone too!

A gathering of folks involved met with the Human Society and it was decided we had to remove the entire colony, stop feeding and capture to bring to the Human Society. Because many of these kitties had been in the colony for several years they were tame. so maybe for some it could mean adoption, but, sadly for most, it means an end to their life.

There is not one solution to this growing problem. Feral cats and feral chickens are a part of this island. People need to be more responsible for their actions with the animals they have and do not want. Dumping an animal is punishable with a $500 fine. IT takes only a minimum of $5 to have your animals spayed at the Human Society.

Big Boy Samba

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Jennie said...

What a very sad tale, Schar. I do hope that many of the kitties will find homes where they are loved and cared for. You all did such a wonderful thing for them these years. Many hugs!!