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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grassroot Artist

"Future is Female" ©schar freeman '98

I find that there are no coincidences in this life for the day this article was published one of Mother Earth's greatest shake ups happened. Our greatest Mother shook and overtook with the sea many lives on half the planet. Japan experienced a historical 8.9mg Earthquake, generating a magnificent and devastating Tsunami hitting her coastlines within thirty minutes after the quake. The wave then raced across the Pacific Ocean effecting many shores along the hundreds of islands, and mainland coast riming the Pacific Ocean with minimal injury and damage.

"Future is Female" was painted in 1998. The inspiration came from a dream I had regarding the importance of women coming together at the ocean edge to pray, teach and regenerate the universe and the greater order of things. in ceremony.

A couple months ago I was contacted by Shelia of Stylish Home
for an interview regarding my shops at Etsy. Her idea has been to interview various artist regionally, and then submit her articles to local media. This sounded like a wonderful opportunity for promoting many circles.; Etsy, Stylish Home and Kauai artist Leslie Hagan and myself.

I sent along a few photo examples of my artwork and the "Future Is Female" was selected for the article. Curious connections at least for me and perhaps some of you reading.

Grassroots art grows on the web was published this week in our local newspaper on Kauai. Unfortunately one part of this circle was broken as Garden Island editing of her article failed to make mention of StylishHome.com. GI also misspelled my main shop ScharArt.

Big mahalo and thank you to Shelia for a wonderful article. Mahalo to the folks at Garden Island Newspaper for supporting this article!

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Sheila said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, Schar! I wish you lots of success.