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Friday, April 5, 2013

95 days into 2013

“Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty.”
― Rumi

 Sadlyyesterday another thirsty person  drowned on Kaua'i.  This makes for a shocking number of ELEVEN drownings in NINETY-FOUR days,  just on Kaua'i.  Nine of these were death by ocean, two were from rushing rivers.  TEN of these deaths were male and one was a female.  Sad to say  that eight of these eleven were visitors to this island.

Perhaps it was their "vacation of a lifetime", took them years to save and plan their trip to this island. Perhaps they had been here before, many times before.  "My wife and I have a condo, we visit every year".... kind of person. Doesn't matter to the ocean!

Our water movement AROUND this island of Kaua'i is DANGEROUS, lethal and FATAL!

Especially this year. Just imagine this for one second if you will.  The movement of an incredible force of water is circling around you at an alarming rate. With currents in different directions.  Currents of incredible strength that carve solid rock and churn it into sand.  Currents that are like highways of effortless gliding for the whales, monk seals, fish and sharks.  Currents that can allow them to travel at speeds of  35 mph.  BUT HUMAN can rarely survive if caught in.  Panic alone is a factor in rather we humans will survive a current far too strong for us to swim against.  

There is a common phrase repeated often but I am beginning to think that it needs some explanation to it's meaning:  "When in doubt, don't go out"  Perhaps folks might need to realize how long it takes to develop "doubt" when it comes to the ocean.  Most locals spend hours just observing the sea.  It is vast and magnificent.  Powerful and mystic.  Beautiful and dangerous.  We hold a relationship to water with great respect.  Watch if for at least 20 minutes before deciding if you are "in doubt"...then decide to  go in or not.  And PLEASE DO NOT go in or by the ocean during "high Surf" warnings. Other times ONLY when there is a lifeguard.  Walking on rocks or at the ocean edges is VERY dangerous.  Be smart and safe, please.

My heart is so sadden with grief of loss for all the drownings on my small island.  Kaua'i is my home.  Kaua'i is my ohana, my family, my community.   Many on Kaua'i take things, many ways about life seriously and with our hearts open but with great reverence.  Many, myself especially, feel it is our kuleana (responsibility) to protect the uneducated, or disrespectful .  We try not to judge them but caution them to the true dangers of our island.  The radio stations remind us hourly, with warnings of the danger and caution we must all respect and acknowledge . We post signs for a reason.    If we cannot be there to warn you then maybe just maybe you can read or listen and will remain safe.  

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