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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Standing Naked and Alien in my own Country!

My name is Scharlene F Freeman, bn 1-9-50
 in San Jose, CA and this is what I look like today!

 Three days ago, I hit a magic year of residence in my diving suit for SIXTY-FOUR years.  Yes I turned 64! Happy Birthday to me!!  

My life will NEVER be the same again.  

Midnight, January 9th, 2014,  my State of Hawaii License/ID expired.  It wasn't news to me and I thought I had all my paperwork together to RENEW.  Three trips to DMV later and I still haven't been able to renew.  

 The law here in Hawaii changed a bit over a year ago.  To the extent of what is referred to in our NEW definitions under the Patriot Act, introduced after 9-11 to congress by President Bush.  The qualifications as defined by USA Federal government  for the "Real ID Act" in the Patriot Act.

 State of Hawaii has implemented these laws. This means that I have been unable to produce ALL of the documents required for a woman, USA born, raised,  resided and employed all of her 64 years. I had my identity stolen in the mid 90's forcing me to legally change my name.  I have been through three marriages and divorces.  Changing my last name each time, rather then carry my maiden name. This is what my generation did.  I had a marriage and divorce in California, Washington and Oregon.   This all results in a very L  O  N  G  paper trail.

I have had to have people on the mainland assist me in gathering these documents and have succeeded with two of the states, Washington and Oregon. California is one HUGE SNAfoooooo.  They say it will take, in the least, 12-18 months to have my Marriage and Divorce  APPROVED certificates issued.  

They offered me the option of coming to collect the documents in person.  Only unapproved copies would be released to anyone other then myself who showed up in person.  Well my DL/ID has expired and now this means that my ability to drive or fly or leave my state of residence is null and void.  I can NOT travel to California to pick up my documents.  So the person referred me to a THIRD party agency.

VitalChek is the agency.   I paid the exorbitant fees, took my then VALID DL/ID to a Notary with this agencies forms and order number and faxed it to the company.  This was all  done online.  According to my account : documents have NOT been accepted and my order has not been completed.  So I have been trying to find a phone number for customer service or some way to call and speak with a real human being on the telephone from VitaChek.

Meanwhile as I have had several crying bouts of frustration and realization of what this is all becoming to mean to me, I posted some of this story on Facebook and a friend posted  a link to this movie: America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo   

W  O   W .......... 

This movie  might be a large pill to swallow for many Americans living within the borders of the United States of America.  This pill might  develop slowly at first upon viewing...  but I ask you to be brave and brace yourself to choke down the truth of realization.  Wake up Americans..this is a story of TRUTH! America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo   

It is happening right now!  I hope and pray that we can once and for all put an end to this type of insanity that is sweeping, not only America, but the entire WORLD!  Stand up for our rights and figure it out just how to put a STOP to this INSANITY!

I am official now.  12 documents and almost three months gathering all them up I have been able to renew my Hawaii State Drivers license.


Cher Odum said...

Wow! I haven't watched the movie yet . . going to do that now. But your experience has be speechless, and . . . well, just wow. I am so sorry you are going through this nightmare.

Schar Freeman said...

Thank you Cher for you support as a friend and as a woman. Unreal that the truth is more bizarre than fiction.

Unknown said...

Because women typically change their name in a marriage, this affects them more profoundly. The driver's license process is a wake up call to our loss of freedom when we can not even prove we are ourselves after a lifetime of doing all the things we are supposed to: vote, work, pay taxes, drive, etc.

Faith Harding said...

Man, that is heinous and ridiculous...will check out the movie too. Can you get a temporary hardship one?

Schar Freeman said...

there is no temporary hardship for this and no government officials have any direction that I have spoke with other then stating, " this is the law and no exceptions!" Fascism to the top!

Schar Freeman said...

State of California has finally found and released my first Marriage Certificate, via VitalChek. Ummmm interesting how this process has become to cost so much money. Unreal the difference. For example Union County, Oregon cost for Marriage Certificate was $4, with SSA envelope and one phone call to request lasting only 4 minutes. Whereas with California, Santa Clara County took almost three months, cost so far is $79 dollars, with over total three hours phone and uncounted hours online.