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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Creative People

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Has it truly been FIVE months since my last post?  Interesting that my post on FaceBook this morning, had this listing of 10 characteristics of  Creative People...

I find it most interesting that the first item on the list is  "easily bored", as it is now that this forlorn and lost creative person decided to return to post on my blog.  It's not that I desire boredom...just lack of inspiration towards my painting and creating art.

A dear artist friend reminded me : "What about all those beautiful daily photographs and stone art you have been doing?"  Yes that is creative,  and meditative, but different.  It  doesn't feed the soul like creating a vision on canvas and seeing it completed.  Not the same kind of food.

There truly are no coincidences....only paths we choose to take.  These past several months my trek was steep and vast at times. I have had five very dear friends go into the "beyond", my dearly loved Kumu Hula and one parent.   I tended to get stuck in the mud for a bit and have struggled to find inspiration.  Death does that.

But I am not the one who died.  Time to cease this day. It is time for me to get lost in the awe  of life itself.  I am breaking out my oils!  



Wendy Powers said...

This list really fits me perfectly! Like your blog. Wendy in Gig Harbor, WA

Schar Freeman said...

Thank you Wendy! Gig Harbor is a great place!