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Friday, February 6, 2009

Featured in Chic Galleria

Palm Thoughts III © schar 2008

There is this place in the world wide web that is hoppin' and poppin'. It is a "go-to magazine for all personal care, beauty, and fashion related must haves."
Chic Galleria is a very 'chic' place for any chic to gather information. Chic Galleria offers great picks and suggestions on just about any interest a woman could have. Not only was I surprised but I was so honored when Beth Anderson, Editor-n-chief of Chic Galleria Publications contacted me wanting to "feature me as an artist".

Here is the interview published:
Hawaiian Artist Inspired By Island's Bold Colors


Jennie said...

What a wonderful write up! You deserve nothing less, my friend. Congratulations, and may it bring even more notice to your fabulous work (and self!).

Marionette said...

This is so wonderful! Congratulations! Your work is so stunning and beautiful!

With Much Aloha,

Antonio Estevez said...

Congratulations and Kudos Schar! Much deserved for your beautiful work.

Ventila said...

Congrats :-D

Ventila said...

btw Your ChicGalleria link doesn't work coz there are one "l" lost in the url.