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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#65, Another senseless drowning...

"Ignorance is the worst form of disease, and that which heals ignorance is therefore the most potent of all medicine"   Rosicrucian

This last weekend brought yet another death of drowning in our ocean here on Kauai.  This makes for NINE drownings in NINE weeks.  Another person is lost to the sea..not to be found.  A visitor to this island and another person not realizing the pure danger our ocean is..especially in the winter.  Walking along a very rocky shoreline with surf pounding..what were these folks thinking??  were they even thinking???  Some are beginning to think that folks are coming here to commit suicide by ignorance.  I don't mean to sound harsh but enough is enough.  This is getting ridiculous!!  Come on people, especially men because all but one have been male...wise up and respect the ocean.  Don't even get near it..stay in your car and watch in awe from afar!!

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