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Friday, August 8, 2014

Beaches closed!

 ALL BEACHS the entire STATE of Hawaii are CLOSED!  NO LIFEGUARDS!

  I live on Kauai the island way up top of the chain. As I type this our warning of Tropical Storm is rushing over our island.  Wind gust have picked up and the edge of the first cloud bands of rain is upon our southwestern shores.  Right on time Ms. Iselle!

Hurricane Julio is fast on Ms Iselle's heels and we are hunkering down.  WE are safe and have plans to evacuate more inland if and when need be.  At least get further from the coast line.

If you click on the link below , you will see the current wind chart of two storms heading  over the Hawaiian Island chain of all the islands.  Look like a Van Goghish in present time to me... maybe he did see further than anyone could imagine? 

Be safe and be smart!  Trust the local majority if you are a visitor and follow instructions and SIGNS!

Malama pono, 
take good care~

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