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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ms Iselle and Julio are well on their way pass these Hawaiian Islands..

Once you've lived through an "Act of Nature" rather it be a huge Earthquake,  a Tsunami, an exploding, erupting volcano, or a Hurricane or two, I might tend to NOT get caught up in the furry of fear For the mere act of preparing calms the worry out of my mind.

After a warning I sit quiet with a prayer for guidance and appreciation and then proceed to make a list of "can NOT live with-outs" WATER and Toilet paper  are always top of list! 

I tend to prepare and not do it over the top. Well,  maybe a bit over when it comes to storage of water! Like the gallon upon gallons of jars lining our daylight basement I gathered up in 1980. My family of four were preparing and living for months during the Pacific Northwest, Mt. St. Helen's was erupting and disrupting our life style and comfort and especially our safe drinking water.  All those jokes from my wasband ended up being no joke at all.

 But I do NOT purchase water I can get out of my tap!  I collect glass bottles and jars to fill with water.    Like...what are ALL those people going to do with ALL the THOUSANDS of plastic water containers, and bottles of water they bought?  I witnessed PALETTES of bottle water flooding out of Costco and Cost- u- Less stores... RIGHT??? We are a tinny island!!  I do use  a few RECyCLED plastic bottles to freeze water for keeping the freezer and refrigerator cool if and when the electricity goes off.

Panic can  make us compulsive to  spend money gathering up thing upon thing that we "think" we might need

I go through my "Hurricane Boxes" to check off what I already have and make certain to pick up what I need or beef up my non-perishable food items,  Also important to check EXPIRATION dates and rotate these food items. Batteries and Construction Plastic Bags a must.

Gather up minimal clothing and toiletries in a beach bag, or back pack. To survive in the tropics I can just about do with bathing suit, pareo, two sets underwears, sweat pants, shorts, 2 tank/t-shirt, socks, tennis shoes, slippahs, and sweatshirt. Car charger for phone and camera.  Laptop and battery.  No forget towel and blanket or sleeping bag.  Tarps and small tent, cooking stove with propane. Pans and picnic basket always packed for a meal,Battery operated radio, matches and candles just about sets me up.  Cat food, kennels and water for my two kitties.

Check on immediate neighbors to see if they have their ducks lined up and then I consult with my ohana for a backup Plan B if myself and my two kitties need to evacuate from our coastal home. Most of all don't forget to breathe and give thanks for all I have been blessed with and trust that the love and aloha, will and does shine through any storm!

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