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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take A Walk With Me

Nothing thrills me more than to watch the morning sun appear. Especially when I am at the ocean's edge and my favorite place to take my morning walk.

During my wa
lk this morning it was cloudy but I thought, hey in the world of cyberspace, anything goes and I can create a day of sunshine and rainbows for all to share. So here are some of the places and views I get to experience each and every day while I exercise and breathe in the fresh, clean ocean breeze.

May your day be filled with hope, health and a cleared mind to take on anything that will come your way!


Marionette said...

These photos are fantastic! I especially love the sunrise! One of these days I would love to come with you on your morning walk/run!

See you soon and Aloha!

Jennie said...

Schar, my friend! May you always, always carry these lovely days in your heart. I am with you there in spirit!

Sarah Jane said...

Such beautiful photographs! I set the last one as my desktop. :) I was going to use the one with the rainbow, but it kept coming out fuzzy.

I'm so jealous of your walking route! At the moment, we walk in town and it's all dirty snow everywhere. Icky! I want to come visit your Island. :D

JuliaA said...

beautiful post, schar!

Jean Levert Hood said...

ohmygoodness, WOW!! What gorgeous places you have to walk, Schar!

Thank you for sharing them with us. These walks are sooooo clearing for the mind, and healing for the body and soul.

Diana said...

How beautiful. I would love to walk with you.

Schar Freeman said...

I would love to have all of you come walk with me on Kauai. You would fall in love with my island and the beauty of the aina!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments!