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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painting a Winner

I tend to be the type of painter that feeds on first creating an image in my mind or during dream time. Using real time , real life events and elements. A painting might be born in a title first, or come from a theme for a specific show. The following painting , "Listen to the Orchids Sasha" took work and the concept evolved to solve specific composition challenges.

For this painting, my first ideas came about when I visited my son and daughter-n-law this last Christmas. My grandchildren are grandkitties! Two beautiful "temple" cats, Puppy and his sister Sasha. I told my son that I wanted to paint Sasha for his Birthday painting this year.
This painting quickly evolved into one for the theme of an upcoming show, "Orchid Fantasy", to be held during our town, Hanapepe Orchid Festival, March 27-28, 2009. So I wanted to have orchids in the painting. I was attempting to create a lei (necklace) of orchids. Took the above painting to another artist friend, Marionette, for some critique because I wasn't satisfied with the composition and needed her eye. She mentioned that the orchids around the border were a distraction and I agreed.

Fortunately painting with acrylics is very forgiving. I painted out about half the orchids. I thought of adding a butterfly. I also decided to have Sasha cat-napping with eyes closed, rather then looking out with her intense stare. Make it like she was listening to what the orchids might have to say.

I quickly decided that the butterfly wasn't going to work for this particular painting. So I painted it out too. IT took a few days of looking at the painting and figuring out what I needed to add to balance and complete this painting. I started three other paintings during this time but still had this one to mull over the composition and bring it to completion.

I added some green leaves of orchids to pull the composition into balance. Finally satisfied with the composition through its many evolutions I entered the painting into the show. "Listen to the Orchids Sasha" received an award for the "Orchid Fantasy" show.

"Listen to the Orchids Sasha" © Schar 2009

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It was very thrilling to go up to a stage after having my name and award announced in front of hundreds of people and then to have congratulations hugs from many. But the most memorable moment was when my friend Marionette told me , " you worked hard on that painting and deserved the award". I realized that often as an artist, I forget the process of making a vision evolve and work, and honoring the dedication it then takes to complete a painting rather then stack it away for a later day in storage. I also realized just how important it is to go to a fellow artist, putting ourselves out there and ask for a critique. Mahalo nui loa, Marionette, for your critical eyes, good heart and guiding words for this painting!


Marionette said...

Sistah Schar,
It was such a joy to see this painting "evolve" and to see you get a very much deserved award! You go girlfriend!!!!

The Orchid Festival was such a blast. I will never forget listening to Makana LIVE with my girlfriends in Hanapepe. What blessings we have here. Lucky we live 'Kauai'!

Aloha my dear friend,

Jennie said...

This was such a cool post, Schar- I absolutely loved seeing the work evolve! Thank you for being such a generous artist and soul- and congratulations on the well-deserved award!

Jordanka Yaretz said...

I am so excited for you. I love your art and this one is no exception.

Sarah Jane said...

Wow! What a journey it took! I absolutely adore this one, and it's no wonder it won an award! Your final creation is by far the very best version. :D

You're right about the value of a good critique. Even though criticism can be hard to take sometimes, it can be crucial to helping us get the very best result from our hard work. :D

Lynda Lehmann said...

Congratulations, Shar! I saw your news in the WWAO posts. :)

Sylvia Outlaw said...

Very fine my dear, the evolution of your painting is enjoyable. I'm in WWAO too.

Diana said...

Schar, it was a pleasure watching the painting come to life! Congratulations on your award! You do deserve it and I appreciate your hard work and applaud your persistance. What a treasure that you have in knowing Marionette!

WWAO sister, Diana

TreasuresFromHawaii said...

Schar ~ I commented yesterday but it musta got lost in the internet shuffle(grin)...

I so enjoyed reading the journey you took in creating, adapting this wonderful piece to your vision and finally finishing it...then, to win a prize for it - how wonderful!! I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to hug you in person...for now ~ here's a "comment hug"...HUGS and God bless...Dava(your WAK sister)

LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

Hey Schar,

I believe you achieved the perfect balance on this piece. It is fabulous, and it was so fun to read (and see) the many transitions it went through. It is a BEAUTIFUL piece. I love it!

Much Aloha,

Schar Freeman said...

Mahalo for all your wonderful comments and congrats on this post and painting. :-)