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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Found Treasures

"Mango Man"© Schar 2000
This morning is Easter and time for reflection upon the meaning of resurrection. After my morning prayers and welcoming of the sun rising to a new day I went to work. My personal meaning was to resurrect , bring something back into use with some of my creative past. I decided to take to going through some real old diskettes(remember these?) of files. I found some early paintings, sketches and poetry from journals to share."Hot Chocolate Goddess" © Schar 1990

"Hot Chocolate Goddess" I first drew in colored pencils a short time after my Grandmother past away with cancer in 1986. The painting above is oils on canvas.

Grandmother would always have a hot cup of Mexican chocolate for me if every I had a sad look upon my face or was jumping for joy. The last time I saw her she was very ill but had led on to not one person. She was sitting at her place in her kitchen, appearing to be praying over her cup of chocolate, and I saw what I recognized as her vision of her Mother Mary. Grandmothers name was Mary, my Mother Mary as she raised me much of my early years.
"Kosee" © Schar 1994
"Kosee" is a pen and ink with colored pencil sketch of my greatest dog who owned me once. He was a chocolate Lab and loved the water and watching me paint or draw. He was my most constant companion for over 6 years until I made my move to the island of Kauai.

"Salmon Bear" © Schar 1993
"Salmon Bear" was painted and given to my youngest son. It is oil on canvas and was a style I painted in for a couple of years in the early 90's. I hold a direct connection with bear as I was given the name "Strong Hearted Bear Woman" early in life. May your Easter bring many blessings of renewal and wonderment!


Sarah Jane said...

Beautiful paintings, Schar! :)

Your grandmother sounds like a very special woman. :)


Blossoms said...

Oh my God Schar! Just yday Sarang and I were discussing diskettes :). I love all the paintings.... So wonderful!


LoveCreations24 said...

lol I like that - your dog owned you =) These are all so very good - your extremely talented!

Marionette said...

Mahalo for sharing these wonderful paintings! It is so much fun to pull out "old" works of art. I really like Mango Man!

Aloha, my Kauai Sistah

LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...


These are some awesome paintings. I love your style! Mango Man is my favorite too, but I also really like "Hot Chocolate Goddess". I am sad to read about your Grandmother. My Grandma and I talk on the phone once a week for almost an hour and I cherish every phone call.

Your "Kosee" sounds just like my two Black Labs, Bongo and Boomer. Aren't they the greatest?

I just love to read your blog and see all the fabulous art you are creating. Thanks for sharing these past works with us.

Much Aloha,

LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

He's one of my favorites for painting to.

Schar Freeman said...

Mahalo sarah ~ like most grandmothers...Grandma Mary was very special!

Deb that is so funny...I was sitting here and wondering what all to do with what seems to be a thousand of these. That is when my treasure search began.

Thanks LC24 :-)

Mahalo nui loa Marionette and Lisa. Mango Man was a wonderful bf in my past. He wouldn't give up his island for mine nor I for his. He taught me alot about surfing and was plenty fun. He still visits my island to surf!

jodi rose said...

"Strong-hearted Bear Woman" - that's YOU! Mahalo for sharing more of the beauty of who You are, my friend! love you!

Schar Freeman said...

Aloha Jodi, E komo mai!! You, my friend would know... I can hardly wait for your visit next month :)♥SHBW