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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mud Wahine and Other Creatures of Kauai

"Mud Wahine" © schar 2009
Traveling to the west on the island of Kaua'i , there is a special place at Salt Pond's Park. Visitors from around the world have discovered the healing properties of this very special salty mud. Early in the morning, at very low tide, you might find that special patch of Grey-green mud or discover your own Mud Wahine of the west.
"Moa Gathering" © schar 2009
One of the most popular creatures of Kaua'i are our jungle fowl. They are everywhere you look. They crow whenever they choose and they eat many of the destructive insects that would eventually eat our island away, like termites, cockroaches and most troubling ANTS. There is absolutely no predator for the jungle fowl of Kaua'i. There are no snakes or mongoose on this island either. Most everyone living on the island relish these fowls as we know they benefit our environment.
Sleeping Hawaiian Monk Seal © schar 2009

One of the most endangered ocean mammal of the world lives on our Hawaiian Islands. It is the beautiful Hawaiian Monk Seal. Some estimates are barely 1,000 of them are left. Hawaiian Monk Seals haul out of the ocean to sleep on our beaches. Many beaches will have them roped off with signs and yellow rope in a protected area. If not disturbed they will sleep for 12 hours. It is very important when visiting our island to be most aware while in the ocean as well as walking on the beach. Most times a shinny wet monk seal resembles the boulders and rocks it will haul out to. NEVER approach a Hawaiian Monk Seal on the beach or in the water.
Hawaiian State Bird the Nene © schar 2009
The Nene are magnificent birds and can be found mostly in the mountains of Kokee. These are also protected and should not be disturbed. One of the best places to see them is up at the Kokee Museum early in the morning when they feed in the meadows there.
"Tethered Horse" © schar 2009
Another creature common to this island is the horse. On this island many people tether their horses along the side of the road and in fields without fencing. This is a common practice especially on the west side of the island. They are cared for and not neglected, so when you come across one do not be too concerned as they are use to spending their life like this.


Jennie said...

This just makes me want to visit you even more! The mud treatment reminds me of the one my mother tells me about having when she lived in Italy. I had no idea the roosters served such a great purpose. Thank you for the entertaining and informative post!!

Marionette said...

This is such a wonderful post! You have certainly captured the essence of what makes Kauai special (aside from the beaches and beautiful scenery)! Looks like we'll have to "mud wrestle" at Salt Pond Beach one day..... NOT!

Aloha Sistah!

Sarah Jane said...

Ooooh, how beautiful!!!

I'm especially in love with the horse. I've always had such a fondness for horses. :)

Gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your island with us. :)

Jean Levert Hood said...

I loved seeing more of your beautiful island, Schar! The roosters are tops! Thank you for a great post!

LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the horse. I can't wait till our Haleakala Crater Backpacking trip. The grounds are home to many Nene and I will finally get a chance to see these beautiful birds up close and personal (just hope they don't try to steel my lunch!).

Much ALoha!