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Sunday, May 17, 2009


She imagined she would find

black feathered woman

heard her caw under

amber red dawn as she

took flight over Oak tree

tartan green canopies.

Followed as she soared

over mountain peaks

lassoes high noon rays

glistening off blue-black wings

like mirrors in cerulean blue sky.

Watched her land in

sheltered shadows of tall pines,

cooling tussled feathers

from hot summer sun.

Soared with her

as twilight guided her home

to remain nestled

in Giant Sequoia dreams

redwood scented, rich

and moisten with the night.

© 2004~09 scharCbear


Marionette said...

You are a multi-talented artist! This poem is beautiful! REally put me in a good mood! Mahalo, Sistah!


TreasuresFromHawaii said...

Just gorgeous - the colors in the photo are soothing and welcoming...the poem, haunting ~ so proud to have you and Marionette as my Kauai sistahs :D God bless...Dava

Sylvia Outlaw said...

I love it, simply beautiful in thought, word and deed.