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Monday, September 29, 2008

11th Annual Pow Wow on Kauai!

Schar WINTUN, Danny CHOCTAW, Dale, KPC President

Round Dance snake

Pow wow is a time for people of all Nations to come together and share the Native American Indian culture and traditions. It is a time of gathering to dance, sing, eat fry bread and catch up with family and friends.
Lisa's Birthday Honoring

Pow wow is a time to give back to our community, take care of our families and teach the children, our future generations. It is a time of honoring those who fought wars, gave new birth, grieving the passing of loved ones, and offer give aways in appreciation.

Wild Horse Intertribal Host Drum from Southern California

DRUM~ The Heartbeat of the People

For all the indigenous peoples of the world, the drum is the center of all songs. It is the spirit in the songs granted by the Creator to express one's prayers for strength, completeness, and fulfillment.

We invited three drums this year, the Host Drum, Wild Horse, Intertribal, from Southern California (sings all the ceremonial songs and honoring songs). Guest Drum~Northern, Kree Unit, Chippewa Cree of Rocky Boy, Montana. These boys were only 18-20 years old. Guest Drum ~Southern, Comanche Moon, Intertribal of Arizona. And our only Island Intertribal Drum, 808 showed up,

Kumu Illima Riveria, Hawaiian representative

Kauai Pow Wow combines and honors and represents both the Native Hawaiian, and Native American with ceremonies. A blessing of both cultures opens and closes the sacred circle of the arena. Ilima Riveria was our Host Hawaiian Kumu for this years gathering.
Bert NAVAJO, and Head Women's dancer, Lisa Jefferson PONCA& SALT RIVER PIMA-MARICOPA

Lil'Man Gourd Dancer, Eagle Man and others

Schar happy to dance once again!



Marionette said...

Wonderful article and pics about the Pow Wow! Looks really interesting and fun! I'll have to come next year!


joylife3 said...

Schar, wonderful pictures of the pow wow. They are such a special gathering that everyone I believe that attends gets some of the good
feelings that are shared!
peace, maia

Jean Levert Hood said...

Love the pictures and learned so much, Schar! Wonderful article!

Staci Rose said...

Schar, I am seriously thinking about moving. Wonderful! :D

TrishaRitchieNC said...

O how beautiful! That looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
Patti from LeoPatti1121

A Valdese Blogger said...

Hi Schar - this is Leo (of leopatti1121); loved the magnets. I enjoyed the pics & reading about the pow wow - thanks for posting them.

Anthony said...

Great Blog hunny! Love the pics!

christo said...

im crazy about Lisa J. she knows this. i told her so.