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Thursday, September 25, 2008

ART For Change~Experience ONE

"Creativity resides in us all because we are part of creation itself"

Lesson for sight in discovery of your special creative force:

We all have an ability to create. As children we created without a care in the world. We made up tales, playmates, mud pies and colored inside the lines. As we grew into adolescence, we heard criticism and comments that began to wear and tear on our creative self. Our self-editors began to develop as our peer groups, parents, and teachers attempted to form us. We yearned to fit in. We questioned our visions, our dreams. Many approached adulthood with a deep inner desire to paint, or draw or do something creative, but became conditioned that they were not an "artistic person". Being creative is quite different from artistic.

Most people become too busy or do not make the time to acknowledge their creative selves. Have you ever thought or told yourself..."I am not a creative person...I couldn't draw anything even if my life depended on it"...? "Or I don’t have time to draw, or to paint?"

The creative process can get tarnished and stagnate with our outside world static. The sounds and noise of constant movement like automobiles, planes, trucks, televisions and radios,computers, iPods, cell phones and Blackberries cause distractions of our creative thoughts and feelings. There are forced images constantly flooding our open eyes and ears. All this makes us step backwards and away from our quieted creative place. We can get tangled up as humans doing rather than humans being.

Art For Change is designed for a person to dive into the deepest part of their creative force. You will not be forced but rather surprisingly guided into this pleasant place. Art For Change is a personal principle of instruction I have developed over the last ten years. Exercises are based on deprivation of certain senses; sight, sound, touch, and smell. Classes are offered as workshops in larger groups or on an individual bases.

Participants are led blindfolded to build trust and heighten senses.

There are no requirements as to artistic ability, previous skills, or accomplishments, education or sight. All that is required is trust and faith that each of us holds in that very special place we call our creative self. Believe it is still there - no matter what your age is, what your education , what your job is, or how busy you make your life. Humans create! Food, stories, babies, families, bank accounts, songs, poems, paintings, phone doodles and our self-image is all because we CAN create!


Jen said...

Wow...what a cool way to feel at one with nature! Those portraits are amazing for being blindfolded!!!

-10oneworld on etsy

kae1crafts said...

You were right - WOW! is the appropriate response to this posting. I remember a game I played with my cousins of leading each other around blindfolded. I think I would trust you more than I did them as we were usually barefoot and they loved to lead me through the thistles. LOL.

Your class sounds wonderful. I need to think about using something similar to get my art jump-started again.

Thanks so much for sharing.


Linda said...

Such fun. Is that you Schar in the photos? I might try a picture whilst blindfolded, though often I wait until I "see" the image on the page and then I can create it.

Robin Hernandez said...

Wow is right! What amazing portraits! Did the person standing next to the blind-folded one guide them through the portrait? Very cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Jen mahalo for your comments!

Mahalo Kae..LOL with regards to your cousins....I insist on covered shoes most of the time. NExt class we will be led to the beach and lots of uneven ground. No like stubbed toes..takes away the concentration to paint!

Linda...no I am the one taking the photos. Not in any of these.

The blindfold technique has an amazing effect on the paintings coming from deep within. Perhaps one day if you come to Kauai you can 'see' how it works during one of my workshops.

Robin no one guides them through the drawing blindfolded. So fun how they go through the colors to find just what they like. Usually it is a surprize that they are to draw or paint with the blindfold on. They paint their partner after a 10 minute study of them with eyes wide open.

Marionette said...

I can't wait to take this class! It looks like so much fun!


maia said...

What a beautiful way to relearn to see shar! I still remember in kindergarten getting in trouble because I wanted to make an outline of everything we colored. I was told over and over my art was wrong!! Hurray for you and all that you share! maia