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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the Beginning......

"Spirit of Kalalau"

Imagine taking a vacation, returning and finding out that the job you had is no longer there. This just happened to me. My son reminded me to "do what I do best and love the most...create beautiful art!"
"Beauty and her Beast"
I have recently opened two shops at Etsy, Aina Kauai Arts http://scharart.etsy.com/ , offers original paintings, ArtMagnets, cards, limited edition prints, and ACEO's.

My second shop is http://ainakauai.etsy.com/

This shop specializes in unique fine art vessels hand painted with sand, shells, and beach glass from the island of Kaua'i. Each one of these pieces takes at least 10-30 hours to complete and all are created by me. I love to spend hour upon hour gathering the shell and sea glass for these items where the ocean laps at the edge of the shore.

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Sarah Jane said...

What beautiful art!!! Your choice of blog colours really shows it off to its best advantage. :D

Mystic Silks http:mysticsilks.etsy.com said...

Wonderful art! Best wishes for your blogging success.

kae1crafts said...

Your sea to sand line is beautiful. I too love the ocean and the shoreline and these all make me want to walk the beach and give a feeling of peace and ocean rhythms. Great work.

Schar Freeman said...

Mahalo sarah, mystic and kae! I am dreamin' palm trees right now as I am working on twenty new pieces...gotta love it?

lynnlewis764 said...

your work is amazing, truely beautiful.
Fantastic blog, and the photo's are stunning, your one lovely LADY.