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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Pueo Dream Transition
original by Schar Freeman

I am often amazed at the timing of the Universal order of things. During the days of birthing our new organization Women Artist of Kauai, WAK , Marionette and myself were busy brainstorming and putting up the blog and a website to offer a new budding opportunity for all the creative women artist on Kauai ~ a cosmic thing happened.

As most artist I know, especially the artist I know best - me, selling art has it's ups and downs. I was in one of the lowest, as cash flows, having only $21 to my name. The above painting has been shown in Hanapepe Cafe for the past few months. Up until a couple weeks ago, I was the Day Chef at the Hanapepe Cafe. Due to the great fall in visitors and economics to our island, I was laid off.

The very day Marionette designed and published our logo for this blog and WAK's website, and the birth of WAK, the painting sold! A wonderful cosmic surprize Marionette! Mahalo nui loa!!

This painting, all framed and packed will be heading out to Hudson, New York to her new home. I was told that it was bought for the couples daughter, Luna. While visiting last week on Kauai, they saw this painting and had to have it to give to their daughter. They had had an experience with a Pueo at Salt Pond (where I had experienced my owl). Mom had a dream of the conception of Luna..Luna is coming.... she told me in my dream. Luna is only weeks old, to be birthed in May/June. This is chicken-skin-kine stuff! When the hair on your body stands up on ends. A great transition of life!

Indeed this was one of those Universal dances in sync and rhythm for Marionette, WAK, mom and dad of Luna, Luna and myself!
Mahalo nui loa ke Akua!!!!

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Blossoms said...

Schar.... that's a great write up. Makes me really want to meet you in person.