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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Etsy Artist @ Kauai Made Trade Show

This past weekend was our FIRST Kauai Made Trade Show at Kukui Grove Center, Lihue, Kauai. Good friends Marrionette and I attended our booths side by side.

Marionette and I both; live on our beautiful island of Kauai, are visual artist, are art instructors, and are proud Etsyshop owners. We met through Etsy, and realized we only lived a few miles from one another, on the same island! We bacame fast friends- finding many aspects in our lives had a common thread of aloha!

Kauai is a tiny island (525 sq. miles), shaped like a human heart, right in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Plenty , maybe half of our year-round population of about 60,000 were born and raised here. Some of us like Marionette and I, traveled here and didn't leave.

At this rather small gathering of 22 vendors, we found out that two other vendors were also Estians. This makes four fantstic Etsy Shops that were represented at this very small Trade Show of products made entirely on the island of Kauai. Amazing no?


Marionette said...

What fun this event was! And, to meet fellow Etsians there, too! Your work is stunning!


Schar Freeman said...

It was very fun and some great sales and super encouragement! Your work is fabulous too Marionette!♥schar

Sarah Jane said...

Great photos! It looks like you had an amazing display. :)

And how neat to meet a fellow Etsian who lives so close! I'm very happy for you guys. :D

Linda said...

It must have been an enjoyable day.

Linda said...

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