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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding My Past

Don't you just love to go through boxes and storage containers? I do when I finally motivate myself (I'd rather be painting) to tackle the task at hand of filtering through all the stuff I tend to collect. There is so much paper but heya that can be an entire other post, no?

The other day, during one of my seasonal sweeps, I discovered some long lost photos of lil' me. Here I am at the age of eighteen months. This is outside our apartment next to my Grandparents home.

In those days my fathers family occupied the entire block with a community garden centrally located. This was in Santa Clara, California. I returned last month to see if my grandparents home was still standing. Although their home and apartments where remodeled, they were still there. All the garden was gone though and the apartments in the back were gone. The house behind the vehicle in the above photo was still there.

I couldn't believe it when I discovered photos of my best gal pal in the world and my childhood friend, Jeanine. Oh I wished I had found these last month before my visit back home. We had just reunited during our High School Reunion last month. Our friendship spanning over 44 years.

jeanine and schar at 14 years old in 1964


Sarah Jane said...

What great photos of you! :) Thank you for sharing.

I think it's great that you reconnected with your friend after so long. It IS too bad you didn't have the photos to show her when you visited.

Blossoms said...

Those photos are really great Schar! How wonderful it is, to reunite with old friends...

Thank you for sharing these personal moments with us...