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Thursday, October 23, 2008

FUN-damentals of Portrait Painting

Art For Change started the Autumn class season with classes being held at Paradise Painting Studio of Marionette. We had an interesting combination of folks in the class. There were three visitors, a couple John and Sharon from Oklahoma and Donna from Washington,DC. and then four local residents from all corners of the island.

This class got to know one another through a couple of fun and interesting introductions and descriptions of each other. We then gathered up and went on an adventure walking through Waimea town to the beach.

At the beach we teamed up with a partner. One was blindfolded and led around the area blindfolded. Others discovered the swing or items on the beach.
We then walked back to the studio and began our portrait FUN-damentals!! Everyone was pretty excited to get started painting. They carefully chose the colors they wanted to use. And then the blindfolds came out again. They painted completely blindfolded with no time limit.


Marionette said...

What a fun workshop! I was so happy to be a participant. Thanks for being such a great art teacher!


ceevee said...

How coooool is this!!