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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Feb 2...33rd sunrise

Numile point has corn fields on it now.  I suspect they are growing GMO corn there.  Use to be could NOT grow there as it was a strip of conservation land.  What is going on with our precious island?  Newest land grabbers are the chemical companies that make poisons and who knows what all.  We must stand up and stop this insanity! On this island and all the other islands here in Hawaii. 
 This is only two blocks from my home.  This is a new field of corn right next to the Solar Farm that just went in about 6 months ago.  The other side is coffee crops ..commercial coffee sent all over the world to folks for consumption.  IF this is GMO with thedaily spraying of poisons on the corn then why is this necessary?  I thought these crops were genetically altered to resists pests?  What are they REALLY spraying here???

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