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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Has Arrived!

"Make each day your masterpiece."
John Wooden
Happy New Year!!  We have made it to the year 2013!!  Yay!!  
In my lifetime, almost 63 years and still counting... I have lived through many "End Of The World" scenarios and come out on the side of knowing just where I am in the mix of things.  I am  and have been and remained , a passionate woman artist. 
I believe in the power of manifestation: the belief we are what we think and we, or at least I, project what it is I want to attract.  Every morning I arise with new possibilities for the day ahead.  I go to the ocean before the sun rises and give my gratitude to my Creator for this new day and pray the sun up..sending my thoughts and loving intentions out to those in my life who need support and healing, and protection and direction with all the love I hold in my heart.  And then I take photographs as the sun rises.  
Most days, here on the island, the rising sun offers a wonderful array of color.  Few days the sun is shrouded with VOG or clouds.  AS I have recorded and noted..much like life itself.  Most days are sunshiny days.  Days full promise. Days filled with joy and peace.  Days filled with moments light and airy...not heavy or weighted with burden. 
I have made the choice to commit myself to my life!  With my morning routine I am able to  create  positive manifestation with the power of prayer and gratitude.  I am the sole director of my masterpiece of life!  As the quote states ..."make each day your masterpiece."

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