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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Awaken to a faint call for HELP...

Aloha kakahiaka!
This morning I am so thankful that I sleep lightly.
At 3:30 am I was awakened with a faint call for HELP.  At first took me a second to realize that the call was real and not in my dream.  I jumped outa bed and ran to the back door, stepping on my kitty, Kookie's paws as he ran beside me trying to assist.  I went to his back bedroom window and asked him did he need me to call 911.  He said his front door was unlocked and I ran around and went in.  He was flat on his back and not looking well.  He was in a whole lot of pain.  I told him not to move that the Fire and Ambulance is on it's way.  He asked me to call his sister.  She lives two doors down. Within minutes the Emergency crew were there.  They came in quietly..no sirens just lights going.  Considerate to not wake up others.

So scary to live alone and have a fall.  There is an emergency alarm but it is in the bathroom, side of the commode.  Most falls happen when someone tries to get out from bed to relieve themselves in the middle of the night.  This is exactly what happen to my neighbor, John.  They put him on a back board and gurney, then took him to the hospital.   I hope and pray that he will be alright.

Upon my return from my morning walk at the beach the Fire Dept was at my complex again.  John had been released from the hospital, and with help from his sister, they were  making it back to his apartment and fell again.  He is very ill with the flu and pneumonia and now he suffered a 2nd fall which busted up his head and knees.  Hope the hospital keeps him this time. Something to do with Medicare his sister said.  Jeeze why oh why do we not have health care for  EVERYONE in this country??  I don't get it???

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Jennie said...

Oh no!! I read the first part of this story on fb- I didn't know he fell again, and that he was so sick as well. I do hope he can be kept and helped this time!! Lucky he has good sister and good neighbor, though.