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Thursday, January 3, 2013

No. 3 Sunrise on Kauai

Aloha kakahiaka!
Good morning!!  There is hope on the horizons.....

This morning my prayers are strong going out in the support of, Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence.  She has been on a Hunger Strike for 24 days now.  Read some of the story here http://www.nativenewsnetwork.com/chief-sisk-on-prime-minister-harper.html

My thoughts and prayers also go out to  the people that are standing with her and organizing "Idol No More" movement sweeping Canada, USA and other countries.  I am thankful for the young people of today.  Many of you sound familiar in your united voices commanding justice, equality, protection of basic needs of our sacred land, precious water and air.  For over 50 years I too have protested, blocked, marched, participated in  sit-ins and teach-ins.   

As  an Elder, seeing these actions and demonstrations of the people throughout the two main countries, USA and Canada, I will NOT give up on HOPE and FAITH!   With the power of prayers united, people united in purpose that there will be change and treaties will be honored and valued once again so that all people, especially Indigenous people will THRIVE!  For WE the PEOPLE, are Idol No More!!

My continued prayers are also for the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Harper, that he may find his courage and compassion and meet eye to eye, heart to heart with Chief Theresa Spence TODAY!  That you may realize it is in your power to NOT allow Chief Spence die for her people and our Mother the Earth!

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